Blog Etiquette

To strengthen the quality of discussion we ask that you follow the following Blog Etiquette:

  • Always ask yourself before you post:
    • Is this advancing the conversation?
      • Does it add new relevant information?
      • Does it raise a concern with a proposal?
      • Does it suggest a way to improve a proposal?
      • Does it express an opinion on the strength or weakness of the proposal?
      • Does it raise a new way of solving the problem in the topic of the post?
    • Does this comment engage civilly with other commenters?
  • Please use the same username for all your comments.
    • You can comment without using your real name, but be consistent with your username and do not pretend to be someone other than yourself.
    • This will strengthen the dialog.
    • Never use two usernames to have a conversation with yourself or to applaud your own comments.
  • Please use the subject line of your comment to indicate the item you are commenting on.  If you see an existing thread on a subject, please post your comment in that thread rather than create a new thread.  This will allow all conversations on that subject to occur in one place, thus making the conversation easier to follow.  If you are responding to a specific comment, please use the comment link under that comment so that your response will be threaded to the comment you are responding to.
  • If you use an acronym, please spell out what it stands for the first time.
  • This is an unclassified blog.