Three New Papers

The PIDB looks forward to hearing your comments on the following new papers:

Paper 3:  Regularizing the Declassification Review of Classified Congressional Records

  • Systematize and prioritize the declassification review of Legislative records at the NDC

Paper 4:  Discretionary Declassification and Release of Contemporary National Security Information

  • Encourage policymakers to consider the advantages of not classifying certain categories of information or declassifying before prescribed deadlines

Paper 5:  Simplifying the Declassification Review Process for Historical Records

  • Transfer agency declassification authority to the National Declassification Center (NDC) after declassification exemption timelines have lapsed
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One Response to Three New Papers

  1. AKamran says:

    Any attempt at transforming the classification process must take into account motives that are less than noble: “Ellsberg said that governments go to great lengths to conceal information that could lead to accountability, embarrassment, or blame”

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