Supporting Records and Information Management: Invitation to Industry at the National Archives

The National Archives and Records Administration will host a “Grand Challenge to Industry” in an effort to support all Government agencies as they meet the requirements of the Managing Government Records Directive, particularly directive Goal A3.1.  The goal of the industry day is for agency officials and industry leaders to collaborate in laying the “groundwork for a future of superior information management for agency and public access.”

The one-day workshop is an opportunity for vendors to “better understand the Federal information management vision, requirements, priorities, and business opportunities.”  Senior Government leaders are asking industry leaders to create affordable automated solutions for managing government information.   There will be information about a forthcoming Request For Information (RFI) and an opportunity for industry to ask questions.

The PIDB supports the National Archives’ efforts to engage industry and all Government agencies in seeking technological solutions that support the goals set by the President in his Memorandum on Managing Government Records.  In our 2012 Report to the President on Transforming the Security Classification System, we recommended agencies improve records management overall by supporting and advancing the government-wide information management practices found in the President’s Memorandum and its Directive.  Adopting modernized business practices and piloting and implementing new technological solutions will support the President’s goal to “improve performance and promote openness and accountability” through reformed records and information management policies and practices.  Improving records and information management is critical to the Government’s ability to identify and provide meaningful, long-term access to historically valuable records.  Moreover, it is imperative that agencies understand their information in order to apply appropriate risk management strategies to complete timely and accurate declassification of their permanent records prior to their transfer to the National Archives.  Agencies continue to use information technology systems to store their information and defining and identifying permanently valuable records in these systems becomes more complex.  We believe collaboration with industry through opportunities like this “Grand Challenge” is increasingly imperative. We appreciate the recognition of this challenge by Government leaders and encourage industry to participate.

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