DNI General Clapper Declassifies Additional IC Documents About Collection Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) declassified and publicly released documents relating to intelligence collection under sections 501 and 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  The DNI has now declassified nearly 2,000 pages of documents since June.  The declassified documents include Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinions and orders, reports to Congress on FISA activities, and internal documents from agencies on their FISA collection programs.

General Clapper began this effort at the direction of President Obama in June.  We congratulate the DNI for his leadership regarding this declassification activity.  Over the past year, we have heard from the public about its interest in documents related to the FISA.  Gen. Clapper’s decisions support our recommendations to transform the security classification system.   His declassification actions promote Government transparency and democratic discourse.  These documents allow our citizens to judge the actions taken by the Government on their behalf to protect our nation’s security.  The declassification actions also follow our recommendations to protect clearly defined intelligence sources and methods and to limit classification to only that information requiring protection for national security.

You may access more information about the declassification of these documents on the DNI website.

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