Sheryl Shenberger, Director of the NDC, Named Meritorious Executive Presidential Rank Award Recipient

The PIDB congratulates Ms. Sheryl Shenberger on being selected as a FY 2015 Meritorious Executive Presidential Rank Award recipient.

We understand the Presidential Rank Award Program honors high-performing career senior executives for “sustained extraordinary accomplishment.” The news of Ms. Shenberger being selected for the award was unsurprising to us. We have seen firsthand her dedication and hard work during her tenure as the Director of the National Declassification Center (NDC), establishing and expanding its capabilities since her appointment in 2010. In particular, we applaud her diligence in building relationships between the NDC, Executive Branch agencies and the public. Ms. Shenberger’s determination ultimately led to the retirement of the 361 million page backlog of records at the National Archives, an incredible task that she and her colleagues accomplished by the deadline imposed by the President. Bravo!

Ms. Shenberger’s dedication to the national security mission has led to a more open and transparent government, helping to change the classification culture in the Executive Branch for the betterment of our citizens. On behalf of the Board and its emeritus members, we congratulate Ms. Shenberger for this richly deserved recognition.


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