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Public Interest Declassification Board Meeting.  David Ferriero speaking. Public Interest Declassification Board Meeting. Public Interest Declassification Board Public Meeting

Photographs courtesy of the National Archives


On behalf of the Board, I want to thank all those who came to our public meeting yesterday at the National Archives.  We delivered our Report to the President on Transforming the Security Classification System last week and released it on our website yesterday.  I also wish to thank David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, for his hospitality and kind words yesterday – and also thank him for his continued support as we developed our recommendations.

Thank you to all who commented publicly at the event.  And thank you to all who provided input as we drafted the report.  We are especially appreciative for the advice and comments we received as we developed our recommendations for this report.  We received comments from the public, from civil society and transparency groups, from industry and technologists, and from classifiers, declassifiers, and leaders at Federal agencies and departments.

We want to continue our discussion with you by inviting you to continue making comments on our Transforming Classification blog.  Tell us what you think about the specific recommendations in the report.  We are also interested in your ideas of what next steps you think we should take as a Board, either in helping to implement the recommendations, or in new projects we should seek as develop a work plan for the future.

Again, I want to reiterate our appreciation in your interest in this most important topic and we look forward to reading your comments.  Please continue to follow the Board and our activities through our website and blog.

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