Farewell to PIDB Member Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker

On behalf of the members of the Public Interest Declassification Board, I would like to thank Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker for her dedicated service to the PIDB and acknowledge her extensive contributions.  Elizabeth concluded her third term as a member of the PIDB and we are lucky to have had her knowledge and expertise during her tenure.  It has been a pleasure working with her and we have certainly treasured her company these past eight years.  She was an inaugural member of the PIDB and was present at its first meeting on Saturday, February 25, 2006.  Her passion and advocacy for transparency and responsible declassification have guided our work, benefiting the public and advancing needed conversations about balancing national security imperatives and the principles inherent to our democracy.  Elizabeth possesses a unique understanding of how secrecy affects the functioning of our legal system, including insights as to how the growing body of “secret law” and the issues surrounding precedence affect public access to government information.  Among her many accomplishments as a member of the PIDB, Elizabeth played a vital role in writing both of the PIDB’s Reports to the President, Improving Declassification and Transforming the Security Classification System.  We have valued her thoughtful insights, wit and wisdom and hope she will continue to engage with the PIDB in her new emerti status.  Thank you, Elizabeth, for your kindness, dedication, and professionalism. We will greatly miss you and we wish you the best both personally and professionally.

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